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Those vivid memories by jedeye459 Those vivid memories by jedeye459
This is reflecting on the fear, and visual images that were left in the minds of the veterans of world war II. I respect them with the utmost respect, and I hope that you do too I was inspired to make this wp after talking with nitsuj-ex(a great deviant here, and creator of great WWII WPs) he shared some of his insight with me, and I decided to whip this up, thought he might enjoy it, and I like it a lot too. Make sure you get the full view on this one, so you can see the reflection in the eye it is quite memorable, and struck me deep when I saw the final product, enjoy
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Daily Deviation

Given 2001-10-27
Those vivid memories by jedeye459 is a touching and beautiful piece. A tribute to WW2 veterans it captures an almost frightening moment. I stared at the reflection in the eye for a good minute completely captivated. Great style, brilliant work! ( Featured by devart )
sicklilmonky Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2002  Professional General Artist
Ha ha ha.... I love this... I feel like I'm being watched "Squidy Style".... your work continues to amaze!!
ne0s Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
1 word: favorite.
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parasight Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2001
I can't believe I missed this. This is wicked. I love that texture and the nice choice of color. Very nice! Thumbs Up

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lizerauti Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2001
wow this is extremely nice! congrats on your DD. very realistic too.

phyzik Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2001
fucking awesome, definately worth the daily deviation.
pakukarat Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2001
yey! daily deviation... i don't have to say more.. just wanna grab it!!

..seni itu juga satu kebaktian..
becka72 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2001
hey babe this one kinda creepy, i like it, great work, the color green is nice too, love those tentacles Kiss :D (Big Grin) :O (Eek)

~~me always :? (Confused)
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-cassius- Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001
I live in awe of this piece. It's so good, I can't believe it.

Kieran Hall
just a guy who likes art
itsprobablyme Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2001
oh no itsstaring at me!!! this awesome!!!

who?? me??? huh?? me??? D:o (Eek)
I dare ya! -->
lower Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2001  Student
There isn't an A+++ option!!

Great work! This really captures the sad atmosphere during the war, and the pain the soldiers and families went through. The colors are great.. they add a lot to the mood. I like how the eye is slightly looking upward.. The reflection is great.

The tentacles.. I think they are imaginative, very well excecuted, and I like the idea.. but they don't really have much to do with the war.

Other than that, I love the texture and the roughness of the eye and background. Very emotional piece. Congratulations on DD!!

archnemesis Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2001
I had a long comment for this written out yesterday, and then my comp got a mad error and IE shut down.

I will just give the shortened version now though. Great work man, u have definetely captured the emotion of the war, and also created a very foreboding atmosphere, Very impressive!'

There was suggestions etc, but i guess u have had enuff of those. Great work man, keep it up! =D (Big Grin)

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mage Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001 Absolutely stunning, you've managed to capture such a somber mood in the eye, it's very emotional. I love this, if I hadn't just changed my wallpaper to something I love, this would be it by now ;) (Wink)

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acmax Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
This is certainly one of the most emotional pieces I've ever seen. There's a lot of relevancy to it, and close to Veteran's Day too. It helps that my dad is a walking encyclopedia of WW2 trivia, it makes me appreciate the power of this some more. Excellent and mesmerizing compositon, congratulations on the DD. :) (Smile)
princesnoopy Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
wow.. I guess I was wrong on thinking the DD was wrong (cuz my friend, brazensix, whipped out a killer wp)

What really attracts me are the emotions, and this has a LOT in it.. almost enough to bring me to tears. Excellent job man.

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alpha1337 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
awesome work dude way to go.. $Version 6.0
bryanvincent Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
too monochromatic. needs some type of brown in there. and glowing. or something.
oddlyaromatic Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001  Hobbyist Writer

I love it. Some of the comments levelled at this piece have been on the harsh side.

The tentacles.. not wholely relevent, but they look freaking cool...

The guy the photo.. can't really see what he's doing. There may be a big gun behind him?

.. I just like it. The tentacles are just brilliant. *smiles at the tentalces* I mean wow.. from far away it's like a super-sperm.. Ahem.

The rest of the image is excellent.. font seems fine to me.. Yeah.
kridian Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
good show jedeye!!!!!

Todd Cook

C-Novack Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001  Professional Photographer
Conceptually, the image is a great idea and you put forth great effort. But unfortunately, I will have to agree with some other deviants, that there is some room for improvement. First, the spelling should be through not threw: minor change. Second, the last sentance says the "fear in his eyes". If it is the picture of the man within the eye, it certainly shows fear on the face, but the eyes are closed. I am going to assume that the man in the eye is a soldier only because you mentioned in the description that it is a WWII memorial. Perhaps there is a better picture out there that we can readily define as WWII.
Something that I noticed first off were the faint gridlines in the picture and I immediately started to look for a geographic location relating to where WWII took place. I was disappointed that it wasn't there. Perhaps you can curve the gridlines making it look like the latitude and longitude on a map and put in the faint image of Germany and Japan with their co-ordinates.

BTW, the tenticules, they speak symbolically to me that war is a monster, because they look "monsterish". And I love the bit of moisture at the bottom of the eye: it hints at a teardrop forming.

bryanvincent Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
I hope that guy can get those spermies out of his eye.
blueyedgirl Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
Great!! wow

;) (Wink)
jibrille Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001   Interface Designer
Wow, I love it, the reflections and detail are great.. The tentacles just add the weird creepy feel to it. Excellent work and congrats on DD.

Vulgar display of Power.
moon Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
Very nice - I really like the colors and textures...and the eye itself is wonderfully done. Big congrats on the making the DD!
corpsman Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
c:/bin/laden/ del *.*

i just like the sound of it...

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fractalsentry Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
well deserved top marks. Best dd ive seen yet i think.
remix Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
incredible idea
itirep Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
yeah man....I am really diggin this....overall just a great keep gettin better jedeye-keep it up....

maybe u and i do a collab one of these days?

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tzen Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
weaponzero Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
OMG this kicks ass and takes names!

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babysista Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
awesome. extra awesome. really great. the eyes reflect the fear and emotions very well. the things surrounding it is very well done. adds a touch of ease.

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rjupiter Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001   Photographer
It is pretty nice.

grahamfx Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
Nice fukkin job on this piece.
Nice fukkin job on the dd.
Nice fukkin job!!!

i love it.


headkore Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
Very Ownage. Good Job on this Peice.

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dreamz13 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
I was looking at this in the middle of the nite with the lights off, and the texture of the eye is so real that it freaked me off. The image is mesmerizing.

And don't let those negative comments get to u.

8-) (Cool) Dreamz == Reality 8-) (Cool)
nitsuj-ex Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001

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five Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
very nice, the reflection in the eye is incredible. excellently and expertly done.

:) (Smile)

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deviantfoob Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
The moment I saw it, I downloaded and set it as my background :) (Smile) Very nice work, hope you send in more stuff like this...
deezaster Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001

Beautiful Sentiment...
rubberducky Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
well done, I think the colors blend wonderfly with the rest of the picture :D (Big Grin) good job!

King Trout ..:-/ RubberD / -:..
zyphar Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001   Interface Designer
pretty good...

koolflasher Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001   Photographer

shweeet !
eyes-of-jade Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
Dude you got a DD :o (Eek)
You're so Lucky

cokine Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
not to crappy... pretty nice to be honest :) (Smile) Really good actually. Sweet!
endosage Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001  Professional Interface Designer
I would have to say that there are some things that you should remove.

1). The tentacles : they have absolutely nothing to do with ww2, and should not be there.

2). The reflection : You don't exactly have to remove it, but at least make it recognizable... I don't even know what it's a reflection of!

3). The text : You also don't have to remove this, but at least change the font and placement. It dosen't go well at all with the conveyed feeling of the rest of the image.
________________________________________ ___________
I hope that this has helped you see what others are complaining about. I'm not saying that I'm complaining, but just offering a little help.

Congrats on the DD!

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netbeam Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
Absolute great work !

mokode Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001   Interface Designer
but IMHO there is not good, not original.

-mz- Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
A great piece of work, the tentacles do look a little out of place, but other than that it works very well.

If you can, watch Band Of Brothers for inspiration.
There was a scene in particular on Friday's episode where the main character (Winters i think he is called) hesitates to shoot a german because he smiled at him, and had the face of a young boy.
He then gets a flashback of this later on.
realitysquared Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a pretty good piece of work with the exception of the 'reflection' in the eye.

It's just a tad bit too dark when compared with the overall color scheme of the piece, I find it a bit disruptive.

Likewise the photo used simply doesn't match the style used in the other 90% of the image- they seem to clash and do not mesh very well.
I think a simple black pupil would've done much better and more in keeping with the style of the eye itself.

geeno Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
I agree with faderhead, what the fuck is the point of those tentacles? They just look totally out of place. This is mediocre at best.

c3d Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001
Awesome, I like how you blended the tentacles with the eye and the reflection of the soldier is very nice too :D (Big Grin)

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