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October 27, 2001
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Those vivid memories by jedeye459 Those vivid memories by jedeye459
This is reflecting on the fear, and visual images that were left in the minds of the veterans of world war II. I respect them with the utmost respect, and I hope that you do too I was inspired to make this wp after talking with nitsuj-ex(a great deviant here, and creator of great WWII WPs) he shared some of his insight with me, and I decided to whip this up, thought he might enjoy it, and I like it a lot too. Make sure you get the full view on this one, so you can see the reflection in the eye it is quite memorable, and struck me deep when I saw the final product, enjoy
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Daily Deviation

Given 2001-10-27
Those vivid memories by jedeye459 is a touching and beautiful piece. A tribute to WW2 veterans it captures an almost frightening moment. I stared at the reflection in the eye for a good minute completely captivated. Great style, brilliant work! ( Featured by devart )
sicklilmonky Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2002  Professional General Artist
Ha ha ha.... I love this... I feel like I'm being watched "Squidy Style".... your work continues to amaze!!
ne0s Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
1 word: favorite.
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+ Myself.
parasight Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2001
I can't believe I missed this. This is wicked. I love that texture and the nice choice of color. Very nice! Thumbs Up

parasight:// I have an Eye on you...
lizerauti Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2001
wow this is extremely nice! congrats on your DD. very realistic too.

phyzik Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2001
fucking awesome, definately worth the daily deviation.
pakukarat Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2001
yey! daily deviation... i don't have to say more.. just wanna grab it!!

..seni itu juga satu kebaktian..
becka72 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2001
hey babe this one kinda creepy, i like it, great work, the color green is nice too, love those tentacles Kiss :D (Big Grin) :O (Eek)

~~me always :? (Confused)
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-cassius- Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001
I live in awe of this piece. It's so good, I can't believe it.

Kieran Hall
just a guy who likes art
itsprobablyme Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2001
oh no itsstaring at me!!! this awesome!!!

who?? me??? huh?? me??? D:o (Eek)
I dare ya! -->
lower Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2001  Student
There isn't an A+++ option!!

Great work! This really captures the sad atmosphere during the war, and the pain the soldiers and families went through. The colors are great.. they add a lot to the mood. I like how the eye is slightly looking upward.. The reflection is great.

The tentacles.. I think they are imaginative, very well excecuted, and I like the idea.. but they don't really have much to do with the war.

Other than that, I love the texture and the roughness of the eye and background. Very emotional piece. Congratulations on DD!!

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